Shachi Desai » Optic nerve avulsion

  • Optic Nerve Head Avulsion

    Sep 4 2017 by Shachi Desai

    Fundus photograph of 35-year-old male with history of trauma from metal rod during road traffic accident. Patient presented with complaint of complete loss of vision in right eye. Relative afferent pupillary defect and absence of light perception were suggestive of optic nerve involvement. On ophthalmoscopic examination, media was hazy due to vitreous hemorrhage. There was large retinal tear surrounding the probable position of optic nerve head with edematous ischemic retina. Excavated area with hemorrhage at optic nerve head was suggestive of optic nerve head avulsion.

    Photographer: Dr Shachi Desai

    Imaging device: zeiss visucam

    Condition/keywords: blunt trauma, optic nerve head, trauma